Introducing: EĐĐIE

Let´s enter into the holiday mood with three songs from EĐĐIE, where he deploys all his good taste at choosing songs and his hearth-felt interpretation. The track are part of “Christmass without You”, his new EP.

The Christmas song

EĐĐIE covers Nat king Cole´s “The Christmas song” with a raw imprint, dealing with a minimalist production that enhances his vivid interpretation.

Christmas Without You

Here, EĐĐIE  evokes a sense of longing for the past, where the holiday spirit was embodied in a picturesque home adorned with lights, stockings, and the warmth of family, finding joy amid the holiday blues. The song becomes a comforting soundtrack for those navigating the complexities of Christmas without a cherished presence.

Mistletoe and Holly (feat. Riley Elmore)

With this song, they bring a more festive and upbeat sound, building an infectious dancing mood that will get ready any party with its sophisticated sound.

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