Introducing: Taylor Flemming

These two songs from his album “A book about birds” summarise Taylor´s music aura. Not only because of his skills in composition and playing. Also because of the interaction with his bandmates and their own artistic tint. “Paloma”, “Lintu” and the whole album are an abstract exploration of the captivating world of birds.


“Lintu” is a beautiful song, as pretty as the bird, with a Trio formation that creates a journey-like soundscape. The modulation of the composition reaches unexplored corners of musical climax. He states that: Lintu” was written while travelling to places I had never been before and meeting people I’d never see again.


“Paloma” flows in tandem with the poem from Federico Garcia Lorca “Casida de las Palomas Oscuras” / “Of the Dark Doves”. The music travels with tension and drama, reflecting the symbolism and metaphors of the poetry, giving intensity to the provocative character that poetry possesses. At the end, Elena Díaz from Madrid recites the piece with wonderful mastery.

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