Introducing: Tokio Bedroom Orchestra

Here are three songs from Tokyo Bedroom Orchestra´s “Ima”, his newest album. TBO experiments with synth and pedal to kraft his unique sound, building a soft ambient style with a fluent and organic mood.


“Mori” evokes immersive soundscapes, transporting you to a lush forest. This audio journey captures the soothing essence of nature, creating a serene atmosphere that invites relaxation.


“Sakura” portrays the serene beauty of cherry blossoms. It´s an immersive ambient song that evokes the gentle arrival of spring. It´s a blend of tranquillity complemented by the rhythmic and soothing backdrop of Lofi beats.

Yoru Sanpo

“Yoru Sanpo” brings a dreamy city soundscape crafted by ambient melodies, complemented by soothing Lofi beats that create a gentle and rhythmic groove. The composition explores the tranquil beauty of nighttime strolls with this auditory journey.

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