Introducing Xavier Toscano

Xavier Toscano delivers an exuberant and electrifying fusion of dance-urban pop, seamlessly interwoven with elements of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B. His live performances showcase his remarkable dancing skills, transforming the stage into a dynamic and captivating spectacle. We bring three songs to give you a feeling of his vibes.

You Make Me Feel So Good

This is a message of joyful celebration, self-confidence, and living in the moment. They express a carefree and confident attitude as they enjoy a night out on the town. The chorus emphasizes the positive and euphoric feeling of the music and the night, with an emphasis on how good it feels.

Keeps It Tight

This song expresses strength and confidence, as well as attraction and desire between two individuals. He describes a captivating connection, where eye contact communicates a powerful message, and the chemistry is undeniable.

Castles In The Sky

This song dives into a past love and the bittersweet memories associated with it. He reminisces about a time when he was in a young and passionate relationship, full of dreams and hope, but eventually, the relationship came to an end.

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