Iryna Nalyvaiko’s Capsules Allude To The Similarities Of Our Habits

Iryna Nalyvaiko's Capsules

For me, 2020 became a symbol of working from home.

Spending my time at home 24/7, I noticed that my world shrunk to the size of my apartment. A lot of daily activities that we are used to doing outside, such as sports, work, entertainment, have to be done at home now. It reminds me of the Nakagin Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa. A year ago I thought that concept was not applicable to modern people and it would be impossible to live there. However, this year has changed things and lots of us have realized that our homes have changed into “capsules” and we have to adapt to this situation. My project is my vision of living in a modern “capsule”. I made all the walls from glass to show the similarities in our everyday life.

Iryna Nalyvaiko's Capsules


Images with courtesy of Iryna Nalyvaiko

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