IZY Studio is Pioneering Phygital Fashion With Innovative Digital Fashion Party

IZY Studio is Pioneering Phygital Fashion at Digital Fashion Party

Zarina IZY has emerged as a transformative force in the fashion industry, propelling it towards sustainability, ethics, and technological advancement. As the visionary founder of IZY Studio, she has left an indelible mark on the landscape of design and innovation, particularly through her pioneering work in phygital fashion – a seamless integration of physical and digital elements.

As the driving force behind IZY Studio, Zarina firmly believes in the transformative power of digital fashion. Her innovative approach enables designers to lead a location-independent lifestyle, breaking geographical boundaries and fostering global collaboration. IZY Studio’s digital prowess has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including first place in AR garment creation, first place in 3D fashion animation, and the esteemed Best Digital Designer Award at Uzbekistan Fashion Week. Zarina’s influence extends to dressing industry luminaries such as Daniella Loftus and Regina Turbina.

IZY Studio will be hosting The Digital Fashion Party during Milan Fashion Week on February 22, starting at 20:00. This exclusive event promises an immersive experience at the intersection of fashion and technology. The event is set to be a celebration of creativity and style, where guests can revel in an exciting atmosphere.

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