Jon Noorlander Animates Beauty In New Perspectives

Born in Sweden, Jon Noorlander works from the art epicenter of New York in the United States, where he beguiles the masses with animations drawn straight from the veins of fantasies.

Concocting works as executive creative director at Method Studios in New York, Noorlander has an artistic sharpness that makes its mark in the essence of his body of work. Among some of his numerous and notable commissions include nail color company Essie, Apple iPhone X, beer company Bud Light, and the film “300 – Rise of an Empire.”

One can notice the impressive nature of his animations and the way his visuals speak in a language of heightened caliber. Finding the intricacies within the intellectual design is a pleasure, Noorlander does not hold back when he presents his projects to the public.

Kinetic mastery performs so eloquently throughout his animations, the textures interacting with each other in a manner that allows viewers to track the rippling effect of motion as elements collide, revolve curiously about, and even dance around. There is so much to marvel at and take in when considering his overall prowess, Noorlander has established himself quite prominently in the visual art world.

He is a force that never stops creating, never stops imagining, never stops pushing the boundaries of his craft. His imagery sings like a fine song and the style roars in the encore. Jon Noorlander manifests the beauty of a new kind in the way he visualizes what art means to him, wowing audiences with his prolific perspectives.


All visuals with courtesy of Jon Noorlander

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