Joy Isabella Brown Harnesses An Aerobatic Form Of Art

You can find Joy Isabella Brown sailing through the air, her body serving as a vessel for elegiac expression.

For her, the art and sport of “tricking” is manifested through the fluxes of motion. The cherubic configurations of the human body are explored through the many videos capturing her aerial musings, often in slow motion. It is sublime to revere in the ways Brown centralizes the poignant energy within her to enliven every weightless movement executed. Her knack for nimbleness comes from disciplining herself in acrobatics, a composite of styles such as gymnastics and martial arts. Every move is reflective and well-thought, she shifts her body in verses into a marvelous composition.

Joy Isabella Brown Harnesses An Aerobatic Form Of Art

The temporality of bodily flow is illustrated with the infinite, a beautiful conundrum of kinetics. As a self-made go-getter, Brown establishes important messages in her dynamic art. She has had roles in moving projects to explore things like the meaning of freedom, moving without limit, and the education system dampening creativity. Viewing Brown’s work expands the mind and taps into something deep within all of us. The soul becomes released and moves in tides as Brown maneuvers her limbs, performing divine tricks that challenge the authority of gravity.

Joy Isabella Brown has shown incredible skill and possession of her body, demonstrating how artistry can be so fluid. She has been in campaigns for Nike and Sony, major brands that recognize the sheer talent that lives in Brown. At such a young age, Brown is a prime example of how creativity can strike anyone at any age, all it takes is a passion and a willingness to seek whatever form it manifests in.

Joy Isabella Brown Harnesses An Aerobatic Form Of Art
Joy Isabella Brown Harnesses An Aerobatic Form Of Art


Photography by Jacob Jonas with courtesy of Joy Isabella Brown


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