Toerner’s Tesla Model B Combines The Key Advantages Of Bicycles And Cars

The Tesla Model B is an electric bicycle designed around combining the key advantages of bicycles and cars.

Cars are built using a large number of materials, require a large amount of energy to operate, and are expensive to park. For city life or shorter commutes, this is overkill — especially when it comes to traffic. The Tesla Model B improves upon bikes with the benefits of cars, mitigating the downsides of bikes such as a lack of safety, inability to travel a long distance, and requirement of significant physical effort that isn’t realistic for many commuters.

Toerner's Tesla Model B Combines

The bike is propelled forward by a dual-motor drive system — one motor in each wheel hub. Foldout handlebars and footrests present themselves to the user on approach. Suspension shock absorbers are built into the wheels, replacing the spokes. A safety system integrated throughout the body detects nearby cars, people, potholes, and other obstacles using a combination of cameras, ultrasonic distance sensors, and forward-facing radar. Stationary handlebars detect force instead of rotating with the wheel. This handle force input tells the wheel-how far to turn and allows the wheel to turn on its own if the bike needs to avoid an obstacle with its built-in Autopilot AI. All of this is tied together in a clean user interface, allowing the user to see current stats and navigate easily to their destination.

Toerner's Tesla Model B Combines
Toerner's Tesla Model B Combines

All images with courtesy of Kendall Toerner

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