Kidmograph’s Cyber Reality As Seen In Vibrant Gifs

Gustavo Torres, the man behind Kidmograph, specializes in invoking a particular kind of appeal with ultra-modern visuals and colorful graphics.

The Argentinian artist from Buenos Aires is well equipped as an art director, illustrator, and motion designer when it comes to creating a stellar work of art. His style is reminiscent of the 80’s color gradients and spunk. He draws inspiration from the sci-fi movies and futuristic scenes he saw as a kid. Torres digitizes psychedelic worlds and immortalizes them in GIFs.

Glowing grids and attractive landscapes are some key elements for Kidmograph’s flair. Notice how the digital artist plays with the human form, augmenting it into cyber reality. In some images, it seems like these human-like forms are infinitely ensnared and looped in their computer-generated atmosphere. It is like these beings are navigating through the calculated perpetuation spawned by Kidmograph.

The artist is practiced in manifesting visuals that exhibit a high definition finish as well as a lo-fi look. The hi-def quality gives viewers a sense of freshness, novelty, and intriguing pleasure. The lo-fi, pixelated aspect stirs nostalgia and reminds viewers of a time pre-Internet. Many of Torres’ visuals suspend different rudiments such as 3-D shapes, PC icons, palm trees, and fast cars.

Kidmograph’s work is well received across many platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Torres has created visuals for clients such as Noah Cyrus, Maroon 5, Chromeo, and MS MR. His stunning aesthetic is featured in many music videos from bands like The Strokes and Low Pros. The multifaceted artist has contributed to popular names like Adidas, MTV, and Honda. Torres displays a pride in his work and the appreciation he has for the Internet in sharing his vision.

Kidmograph offers a class on Skillshare, where he presents a walkthrough of his artistic process. The preview video shows a snippet of his inspiration and how he equips viewers with the right tools to create their very own motion graphic GIF. Torres is intensely passionate about art and the process behind it.

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