Introducing: Kristo

Kristo´s music is a constant deployment of fineness. His voice, delicately touching, transmits the poetry with an almost minimal structure. Just in appearance, because the melodic arrangements usually enhance his performance and harmonic depth.

Morning Blues

Kristo´s “Morning Blues” is an exploration of the human condition while offering a glimpse into the struggle and vulnerability of everyday existence. He invites us to confront our own fears and uncertainties. That will lead to solace in the shared experience of navigating life’s challenges. Finally, this is a journey of self-discovery and introspection, a brave confrontation of the morning blues with honesty, resilience and coffee.

I am not enough

“I am not enough” dives into the complexities of identity and familial influence. He confronts his feelings of inadequacy and embraces the journey towards self-discovery and acceptance. Stepping beyond vulnerability he arrives where authenticity reigns supreme.

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