LOEWE and On Collaboration is mixing Craft and Technology

LOEWE and On Collaboration is mixing Craft and Technology

LOEWE and On Collaboration

The collaboration between LOEWE and On has sparked a creative synergy that merges the realms of luxury fashion and high-performance athletic wear. This partnership, characterized by innovation and style, has given rise to a collection that seamlessly blends craft and technology, offering consumers a unique and versatile range of products.

Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE has ventured into the world of athletic wear, teaming up with On to create a series of collaborative projects. This collaboration represents a meeting of minds, where the rich history and attention to detail of LOEWE converge with the cutting-edge performance technology of On.

The focal point of this collaboration is the Cloudtilt sneaker, a lifestyle shoe that epitomizes the essence of movement and comfort. Featuring On’s CloudTec® Phase technology, the Cloudtilt offers a seamless transition from heel to toe, adapting to the wearer’s movements effortlessly. Crafted with a knitted sock construction and dual branding, this shoe embodies a perfect balance of style and functionality.

One notable aspect of this collaboration is the commitment to sustainability. The upper mesh of the Cloudtilt is made from 99% recycled polyester, aligning with both brands’ dedication to eco-conscious practices. Additionally, the monochromatic design of the shoe, coupled with the EVA foam sole, reflects a conscious effort to minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional comfort.Beyond footwear, the collaboration has expanded to include a comprehensive range of performance activewear, outerwear, and accessories.

From technical tops made of recycled materials to statement outerwear designed for all weather conditions, the collection caters to urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Each piece reflects a blend of functionality and style, embodying the ethos of both brands.

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