Hub Iconic – A Digital Library In Sobral By Lucas Victor A. A.

Hub Iconic By Lucas Victor A. A.

The present work deals with the relationship between architecture and digital technology and presents, as the main objective, the proposal of a Digital Library in the city of Sobral.

Based on the research of the Portraits of Reading in Brazil (2016) survey, which reports the fact that young Brazilians show less and less interest and desire for reading. This perception brings reflections on the use of new methods and the capacity of digital processing as a resource that can contribute to new learning habits through the great propagation of information and the insertion of uses of computational devices in different places. In view of this problem, it is understood the need to create a new library model in a functional space, of interaction, conviviality, and knowledge exchange. Therefore, in order to meet the new demands and ways of acting from a hyperconnected generation, technology is used as an integrating resource for learning through the exchange of experiences between users.

Hub Iconic By Lucas Victor A. A.

For this, as a methodology, we use descriptive research, with studies, analyzes, and interpretations of the data made available on Platforms. The proposal is developed focusing on the theme of Technological and Iconic Architecture to constitute a plastic solution that makes the library equipment of vitality and attraction. The main purpose of the Digital Library is to integrate the target audience with digital equipment, in addition to contributing and articulating new perspectives for a promising future for the city of Sobral. As for the literature review referring to architectural concepts, the iconic concept is applied in the development of digital libraries. As a theoretical basis, to understand the city, it is based on Castello, 2007, Lynch (2006), Hillier (1993), and Jacobs (1961). For discussions on architecture, it is based on Valença (2016) and MLP Valentim (2017).

Hub Iconic By Lucas Victor A. A.
Hub Iconic By Lucas Victor A. A.
Hub Iconic By Lucas Victor A. A.


Project name: Hub Iconic
Status: Concept – Design
Location: Sobral, Brazil
Design year: 2021
Architect: Lucas Victor
Tools used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Render.

Visuals with courtesy of Lucas Victor A. A.

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