Maxim Zhestkov Is Breaking Boundaries Of Visual Language

A fusion of animation, art, design, and computer graphics shapes up the progressive work of Maxim Zhestkov.

A media artist and director, that has taken a serious deal in changing the boundaries of visual language. His innate passion for animation, design, and cinematography merges in the creation of unique sets of short 3D films. Deep and out of the box explorations that end up with geometrical transforming digital environments that make your brain feel a buzz of pure relaxation, almost provoking brain orgasms.

He converts pretty normal scenarios in the 4th-dimensional art that is striking nowadays with the use of very few tools. It is so perfect and serene that you could binge-watch all of his Instagram short films in 9,192,631,770 periods of radiation, which corresponds to a second. As you can see in his profile, his followers agree on this, some of the opinions regarding his work go from “Amazing, pleasantly confused”, “Magical”, “Am I high?” and much more.

All of this innovating work that you can check out with greater depth in his Instagram account or in his website, started in 2015 when Maxim launched a studio/workshop where he with his friends and colleagues started developing new forms of moving images. The results of this mash-up ended up being awarded and of great use for major international clients such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, PlayStation, Nike, and much more. His success reminds us of the importance of innovation in all aspects of our lives.

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