NEUTRA’s Erosion Collection by Zaha Hadid Architect

Erosion Collection is A Design by Zaha Hadid Architect

NEUTRA’s Erosion Collection

The Erosion Collection, crafted by Zaha Hadid Architects for NEUTRA, delves into the dynamic interplay of materiality, time, and form. This collection, featuring the MINERA Table and BRANCH Console, celebrates the transformation of natural stone over time, highlighting the unique characteristics inherent in its materiality.

Carved from the finest Carrara marble, these distinctive pieces convey an evolution through time. The signature style of Zaha Hadid Architects defines a collection that blurs the lines between furniture and sculpture, merging the richness of natural stone with fluid, sinuous lines to suggest an alternative concept of space.

Erosion Collection is A Design by Zaha Hadid Architect


The MINERA Table, a limited edition piece designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, redefines the traditional dining table. Emerging as a continuity of form, it unites divergent forces with precision craftsmanship. Its fluid forms, expressing the erosive forces of nature, are skillfully carved by NEUTRA from a single block of marble. Accommodating up to eight people, the MINERA Table measures 320x160x72 cm and is available as an exclusive limited edition of eight pieces.

Erosion Collection is A Design by Zaha Hadid Architect


The BRANCH Console, another masterful design by Zaha Hadid Architects, balances lightness and stability. This piece appears simultaneously suspended yet firmly grounded by the opposing forces acting upon it. Carved from a single piece of marble, two symmetrical branches seamlessly connect the console’s base and top. A large central void defies the solidity of its robust material, enhancing the ethereal qualities of the design. The console’s top surface spans 290×68 cm.

Erosion Collection is A Design by Zaha Hadid Architect

All images credit: Zaha Hadid Architect

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