NOMADsignal, Polina Faustova: The Revenant

NOMADsignal and  Polina Faustova´s “The Revenant” mirror the weight of someone returning from the dead. In this musical piece, the cello plays a crucial role, introducing drama that rises note by note. They build a cinematic narrative to deliver techno dynamism, reaching a theatrical climax of organic strings and digital experimentation.
NOMADsignal is the artistic identity of Nicholas Schwab, a multi-talented recording artist, composer, and DJ of Dominican-German-American cultural roots. He started making music in 2011. Soon later, his journey took an unexpected turn while representing the Dominican Republic as a swimmer at the 2012 London Olympic Games, where he composed his first signed record, “Freedom,” and initiated his professional recording career with Dutch label Menza Records. After that, his work garnered recognition and support from esteemed DJs and peers in the electronic music scene; receiving live support, multiple features, and guest mixes on prominent platforms, showcasing his growing influence in the industry.

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