Oksýs: A Fusion of Nature and Innovation in Pininfarina’s First Collectible Design

Oksýs: A Fusion of Nature and Innovation in Pininfarina's First Collectible Design
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Oksýs: Pininfarina’s first collectible project on show at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Pininfarina, renowned for its iconic automotive designs, takes a groundbreaking step into the realm of collectible furniture with Oksýs, unveiled at the Milan Design Week. This chaise longue, born from the synergy between Pininfarina’s architecture and product design divisions, signifies a bold leap towards redefining luxury and innovation in the world of furniture design.

Oksýs emerges as an oxymoron—a harmonious blend of artificial and natural elements. In Pininfarina’s vision, the dichotomy between man-made and natural worlds dissolves, giving rise to a singular entity that embodies both realms seamlessly. Crafted through a single aluminium casting process, it juxtaposes two contrasting textures and shapes, symbolizing the coalescence of divergent forces into a unified whole.

Oksýs: A Fusion of Nature and Innovation in Pininfarina's First Collectible Design

The chaise longue’s design narrative unfolds through its distinct visual and tactile characteristics. The upper section exudes a sleek, automotive-inspired aesthetic, characterized by fluid lines reminiscent of Pininfarina’s legendary car designs. In contrast, the lower portion evokes the rugged texture of rock—a nod to nature’s raw beauty and resilience. The convergence of these elements encapsulates a dynamic equilibrium, where stability meets volatility, drawing viewers into a mesmerizing interplay of forms.

The ethos of collectibility traces back to Pininfarina’s inception in 1930, where founder Battista Farina set out to create automotive masterpieces that transcended mere utility. Like haute couture garments, each Pininfarina car bore the hallmark of unparalleled craftsmanship and bespoke detailing, catering to discerning connoisseurs of luxury. Oksýs epitomizes this tradition, mirroring the meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design philosophy that define Pininfarina’s legacy.

Oksýs: A Fusion of Nature and Innovation in Pininfarina's First Collectible Design

At the helm of Oksýs’s design journey is Marco Becucci, a visionary architect from Pininfarina’s esteemed team. His creation garnered acclaim from a panel comprising esteemed figures such as gallery owner Rossana Orlandi, designer Giulio Cappellini, and Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. Under the stewardship of Giovanni de Niederhäusern, the Architecture and Product Design team meticulously brought Oksýs to life, marking a pinnacle of artistic innovation and technical prowess.

Oksýs transcends the realm of mere furniture, emerging as a coveted objet d’art destined for discerning collectors. With only three pieces slated for production, each meticulously handcrafted at Pininfarina’s workshops in Cambiano (Turin), its exclusivity mirrors the ethos of luxury and rarity that defines Pininfarina’s heritage. Available exclusively at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Oksýs beckons aficionados of design and innovation to embark on a journey of aesthetic discovery and indulgence.

Oksýs: A Fusion of Nature and Innovation in Pininfarina's First Collectible Design

About Pininfarina Architecture:

Pininfarina Architecture, an esteemed symbol of Italian design, blends technology and beauty to create timeless works worldwide. Based in Italy with global offices, it specializes in transportation, industrial, and automotive design, along with architecture and interiors. Notable projects include Istanbul’s New Airport Air Traffic Control Tower, Cyrela by Pininfarina in Brazil, The Concourse Club and Motorsport Tower in the US, and Juventus Stadium in Turin, among others.

Awards include the Green Good Design Award 2022 for Urban Lounge, the American Architecture Award 2020 for Yachthouse, and the Red Dot Award 2019 for a Miami bus shelter. With offices in Turin, Miami, and Shanghai, Pininfarina Architecture comprises a team of 50 professionals from diverse backgrounds, including architecture, engineering, and social sciences, recognized for their multidisciplinary expertise.

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