Pascal Junior: Legacy

Pascal Junior´s Legacy is an album that carries a perfect blend of digital strength and organic softness. Textures from different origins merge into his creativity and lead to an EDM climax (Enjoyable Dance Music). We bring you two songs from his second album, two tracks that perfectly mirror his creativity´s essence.

Circles (feat. Martin Oet)

The combination of Pascal Junior’s production and Martin Oet’s vocals creates a memorable infusion of emotion and soul with a dancing mood. The song starts like an Electronica ballad and builds a driving imprint of pure House power.

Bad Days (feat. Justin J. Moore)

Bad Days hooks instantly with a cool synth melody and it goes better when Justin J. Moore’s smooth and expressive performance enhance the song, adding layers of depth and emotional resonance. To, finally, convey the eagerness to overcome situation through music.

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