Rideview is redefining automotive narratives in dynamic ‘Prototype 72’

The Enthralling Tale of Prototype 72

Rideview project, Prototype 72, is weaving together the sleek elegance of the Acura NSX with the awe-inspiring grandeur of mecha anime. Inspired by the iconic Gundam series, Prototype 72 is more than just a fusion of machine and fantasy—it’s a bold reimagining of automotive narratives.

Crafting this narrative was no small feat. Rideview’s team was tasked with seamlessly blending the NSX’s iconic design with the larger-than-life presence of Gundam robots. The goal? To create a story where the NSX wasn’t just a car, but a dynamic character in its own right—a concept that pushed the boundaries of conventional automotive storytelling.

Rideview is redefining automotive narratives in Prototype 72

Of course, such an ambitious undertaking came with its fair share of challenges. Redesigning the NSX to embody the essence of Gundam while retaining its distinctive silhouette required careful consideration and attention to detail. Integrating this transformed vehicle into a compelling narrative demanded creativity and innovation, ensuring that its role was central to the plot’s progression.

From a technical standpoint, Prototype 72 pushed the boundaries of what was possible. Mastering path tracing and lighting within Unreal Engine was essential to creating the project’s immersive, photorealistic world. Rigging the NSX for its transformation was no small task, requiring a delicate balance between visual spectacle and mechanical realism. And navigating the complexities of integrating real-world physics with the exaggerated mechanics of anime-style robots pushed Rideview’s technical prowess to new heights.

Rideview is redefining automotive narratives in Prototype 72

But despite these challenges, Prototype 72 emerged as a triumph of collaboration and creativity. Over the course of five months, Rideview’s team poured their hearts and souls into bringing this visionary project to life. From directors John Kim and Yates Holley to concept artist Robbie Trevino, each member of the team played a vital role in shaping the project’s unique identity.

And it’s not just the visuals that shine in Prototype 72. The project’s auditory landscape, crafted by Mike Shaw, and Anthony Jimenez’s score add depth and emotion, giving a contemporary twist to the classic anime soundtrack.

Rideview is redefining automotive narratives in Prototype 72
  • Production: Rideview
  • Creative Directors: John Kim, Yates Holley
  • Executive Producer: Yates Holley
  • Associate Producer: Hiro Oni
  • 3d Artists: John Kim, Yates Holley
  • Concept Artist: Robbie Trevino
  • Music: Anthony Jimenez
  • Sound Design: Dynamite Laser Beam
  • Sound Designer: Mike Shaw

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