Roman Vlasov’s Concept 747 Embedded Into Rock Landscape

Roman Vlasov's Concept 747

Concept 747 designed by Roman Vlasov is embedded into the rock landscapes.

Roman is a visionary who is dedicated to the design of architectural projects and concepts. He carries out works ranging from architectural projects, that we mentioned recently, but also participates in executive projects, interior design, and landscaping. The team of professionals that Roman Vlasov is part of, Archvizual, is made up of people of different nationalities, and each one specializes in different subjects of interest in the architectural discipline. The team has the necessary capacity and knowledge to adapt the different construction systems, and their variants, to the specific location where the final construction will take place. Always keeping in mind the original essence of the project, and highlighting the satisfaction of the customer’s needs.

Roman Vlasov's Concept 747

They use the techniques offered by the technologies of the avant-garde of construction and its design. Through the advances of digital design they achieve exquisite presentations of the projects. In this way, customers have, from the beginning, a clear idea of how the project will look once it is built. The way in which the construction adapts to the visual environment; the proportions and interrelationships of the spaces; the way in which it receives sunlight, wind, or whatever the way of reacting, of the construction, in the face of climatic events.

Roman Vlasov's Concept 747
Roman Vlasov's Concept 747


Visuals with courtesy of Roman Vlasov


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