Romulo Temigue’s Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas

Romulo Temigue's Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas


Hi! My name is Romulo Temigue and I’m an Architect, born in 1987, Brazil. I live and work in São Paulo. I design furniture and lighting. Often use bright colors and mixed materials in my ideas. Always blending the contemporary and art all together.


I’m graduated in Architecture and Urbanism. Since college, I’ve really enjoyed making objects. No wonder I’ve niched my work into this. Now, I really study the possibilities of different formats and sizes of the daily objects for the home.

Romulo Temigue's Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas


After I’ve graduated in 2014 at the University of Architecture and Urbanism, I started making some interiors projects and apartment renovations. During these projects, I had the idea of creating original pieces to the clients and then begin to design more on my own to build up my portfolio as an Industrial Designer. In the beginning, I was creating with the limitation of the handwork that I had at the time. I had to think about the materials and the workers machines that I had at my disposal to make these first objects. After these first pieces, I started creating 3D images.

With 3D, my working process is very simple. I sketch the rough idea on a sketchbook. Very simple lines and views of the object that it’s in my mind. After I had a sketch that I like, I start the modeling process on 3Ds Max to make the render of the piece. And since I don’t have the limitation of materials and handworkers, I can use anything I want and do exactly what is in my head. The dream of every designer, right?

Romulo Temigue's Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas


I love using transparency in my objects. But I also like mixing textures and colors and materials. I use steel, wood, glass, and polycarbonate. Most of the time, steel and polycarbonate.


I’m the internet kid. Since ever, I remember being online and collecting the art of all sorts. Illustrations, movies, music, interiors, architecture, objects, and so on. I have these folders in my external drive that sometimes I use when having a creative block to remember all the good things that I’ve seen through all these years online. The good thing about inspiration is that you just need to really pay attention to those arts online and your mind will take care of the rest. I mean, your creativity. No need to be worried, everything will stick together at some point. What I’m trying to say is that inspiration comes from everyone and everywhere. The study is daily. Never ends.

Romulo Temigue's Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas


I would really love to work with big brands and make different pieces especially for them. Brands like Tolix, Kartell, Moooi, Vitra, Brokis and etc.


The only pieces I’ve produced were 1/1 pieces for specific clients. I hope I can get my pieces manufactured on a large scale someday.


I’ll continue the creation process and posting on Instagram. The idea is to grow there and get recognition and future deals with manufacturers.

Romulo Temigue's Bright Colors And Mixed Materials Ideas


Images with courtesy of Romulo Temigue


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