“Forever Faster” Puma’s RS-2K Branding By Seek.Studio

“Forever Faster”, Puma’s slogan clearly showcased the communication of RS-2K sneakers that stand out for the future that has already arrived.

The brand’s target audience is Generation Z representatives who are living their lives in two dimensions and perceiving style as a tool to create their own world and identity. Therefore, addressing our audience, we integrated one of the most popular Ukrainian influencer stars into the futuristic world, and the RS-2K sneakers became the tool to activate the future. In the video, the future appears in two aspects: first, in a specially designed location inspired by the capsules of the Nakagin Tower by architect Kisho Kurokawa. Then, the RS-2K sneakers transfer the heroine in the futuristic world created by PHOTOGRAMMETRY scanning technology followed by 3D-rendering, elaboration, and animation. The visual effects artists recreated the heroine’s entire wardrobe, accessories, and the virtual location she is transported to. The video has become a breakthrough for Puma’s advertising communication in Ukraine where such a mix of technologies and filming for local tactical advertising campaigns has never been used. 

“Forever Faster” Puma's RS-2K Branding By Seek.Studio
“Forever Faster” Puma's RS-2K Branding By Seek.Studio
“Forever Faster” Puma's RS-2K Branding By Seek.Studio



Client: PUMA Ukraine 

Marketing Director: Tatiana Kovalenko 

Media Marketing Specialist: Heorhii Nazarchuk 


Artist: Nadya Dorofeeva

Artist Team: Irina Gorovaya • Lena Rogova • Mariam Sakanyan 


Seek.studio Production Team

director Vlad Fishez & Olga Babych 

dop Nikita Kuzmenko 

executive producer Kostya Khytry 

line producer Taya Holiy 

producer assistant Darina Tverdokhleb 

unit manager Dima Mazhuga 

art director/production designer Olga Babych 

set designers WokaWoka

stylist Ann Khytra 

makeup Olga Mishura 

hair stylist Natalia Braslavich 

gaffer Alexander Shvets

focus puller Vladislav Dobrik 

video assistant Max Levchenko

photographer Ksenia Kargina 

light assistant Sergey Illin 

bts Oleg Bondarenko, Kostya Semerei

bts photo Kostya Bibliuk 



post-production producer / graphic designer Kostya Sen

editors Vlad Fishez, Kostya Semerei 

vfx consultant Indy Hait  

cg/art directors massa+ Eugene Lekh & Eugene Pylinsky

sfx Propeller Studios 

color Erlan Tanaev

music audiograg.ws

clean up weare fx: Stas Ravskyi & Alexandr Dysenko 

character and props 3d models deep3dstudio: Vadim Shestakov, Evgeniy Shestakov, Andrey Kompaniets, Evgenie Shestakova


Images with courtesy of seek.studio


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