Shaheed and DJ Supreme x Lauren StrainSomething to Ride To

Get to know Shaheed and DJ Supreme´s music with these two tracks that illustrate their sound and aesthetic. Both cases are dedicated to music itself. “Jazz Men” emphases the importance of integrity and dedication in artistic creation. While “Something to Ride To” highlights the importance of enjoying music.

Shaheed and DJ Supreme, Eric Essix: Jazz Men

Shaheed and DJ Supreme besides the legendary Eric Essix, bring us “Jazz Men”. The song deploys a deep appreciation for music, particularly the fusion of jazz and hip-hop while emphasizing the importance of artistic integrity and dedication to the craft. Like Eric Essix, his exquisite technique is remarkable, with grooves and a clean sound. That also is noticeable in the craftsmanship of the flows.

Shaheed and DJ Supreme, Lauren Strain Something to Ride To

Shaheed and DJ Supreme’s (Feat. Lauren Strain) “Something to Ride To” is a tribute to the power of music to enhance the driving experience and bring people together. They underscore the importance of enjoying a diverse range of music. The song gets funk music elements, blending them into a contemporary sound.

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