The Permanent Collection By Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio

The Permanent Collection is a seasonless line of ceramic vases that draw on both ancient ceremonial and utilitarian vessels and the modern shapes that came out of midcentury architecture and design.

The permanent collection was designed to be a timeless, complimentary group of curvy ceramic forms, emphasizing the power of negative space, and heavily influenced by the bridged, multi-necked forms of Meso-American stirrup vessels. The collection has grown into a second edition, Permanent Collection II, adding new forms that riff off the most sought after forms in the original collection, and introduce a miniature series of Più Vessels. The pieces in this Collection II are intended for minimal, ikebana style floral arranging or to stand on their own as sculptural objects.


Photography by Colby Edwards with courtesy of Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio

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