“Slingblade” Summons The Human Avatar

WOW was in charge of the planning and production of the MV for DJ Shadow‘s new track, “Slingblade.”

The director, Ryo Kitabatake of WOW, designed the story and the visuals using the degenerate and mysterious impressions we got from the track as a base. Unlike what is usually done, we came up with a way to embrace an ambiguity of a human being while creating an avatar in MV. As a result, it got organic and distinct visuals. The abstract visuals representing human avatar are generated from video footage recorded with a standard cine camera. The actor was shot in a small room filled with dense fog.

"Slingblade" Summons The Human Avatar

The fog and lights create an ambiguous silhouette of the actor, which resembles a depth pass, representing how far/close a subject is in 3DCG software. We used the footage as depth information to generate abstract human avatar in the 3D world. In the story, there is a moment when a woman summons and controls her avatar. We used the generating method to create many types of her avatar, which are inspired by certain materials or phenomena in the world. The mixture of the ambiguity in the generating method and cutting edge expression gives a unique and organic atmosphere to the MV.

"Slingblade" Summons The Human Avatar
"Slingblade" Summons The Human Avatar
"Slingblade" Summons The Human Avatar
"Slingblade" Summons The Human Avatar


Director:Ryo Kitabatake (WOW)
Visual Designer:Ryo Kitabatake (WOW), Takuma Sasaki (WOW), Tai Komatsu (Cai)
Producer:Ko Yamamoto (WOW)
Production Manager:Shinya Shimizu

Director of Photography:Ko Nakamura
Lighting & Gaffer:Yosuke Oshima
Production Design:Ryo Osato
Hair:Tsutomu Namaizawa
Make-up:Atsuko Ohtsu
Match Move Artist:Yasuhiro Kato

All images with courtesy of WOW


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