Treehouse C – A Home Between The Treetops

Treehouse C -  Treetops

Fascinated by the idea of creating living spaces up in the air, elevated from the ground with a minimal footprint, “Stilt Studios” was born in 2019.

Founded by Bali-based architect Alexis Dornier and business partner Florian Holm, Stilt Studios designs innovative prefab structures, with the highest standard of architectural design. Stilt Studios’ vision is to create better living experiences in harmony with nature and Treehouse is the next step towards it. After a successful launch of their first two units Treehouse A and Treehouse B at Canggu Garden by Stilt Studios the aim was to create another unit, which could become a long-term living base. Inspired by Treehouse A, Stilt Studios developed a larger-scale version of the original Single-level unit, known now as Treehouse C.

“On 71 sqm elevated 4 m above the ground,  users will find a compact studio to live and work in – a proper home space that offers all you need. Fall asleep in the cozy queen size bed, make use of the fully equipped kitchen and enjoy meals with family and friends at the dining table with a view, get ready in the spacious bathroom for the day or relax in the cozy sofa corner. Moreover, Treehouse C offers a spacious balcony, giving the highlights of a comfortable outdoor space area to hang out and enjoying the view of your surroundings,” explains Alexis Dornier, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Stilt Studios.

Treehouse C - Treetops

Not only that, Treehouse C provides even more. The floorplan layout and usage of the multifunctional space of 64 -71 sqm have almost no limits. It can be configured into a 1 or 2 bedroom unit, with a balcony or fully openable facade,  set up as a co-working space, spa, or even gastronomy. All kinds of layouts are possible and the base structure can easily be adjusted according to the users’ needs. Another version of Treehouse C using mainly recycled teak wood as the structural members is currently under construction in Ubud. To reduce the consumption of energy for cooling, a large overhang of the roof offers passive shading and the openable facade allows cross ventilation and a fresh breeze all day long. Being elevated off the ground also helps against humidity and termites. Even mosquitoes are found more rarely in these heights.

“The small impact on the environment through the buildings is one of the key vision points for Stilt Studios. Therefore the 71 sqm unit is resting on only 4 point foundations which reduces the energy footprint about 95% in comparison to the same size structure on the ground. This allows multiple usages of the area below it like for gardening, hangout space, installation of hammocks, yoga area, gym, parking space for your bicycle, storage for surfboards, space for nature,” says Florian Holm, Co-Founder, and CEO of Stilt Studios. The first prototype of Treehouse C is available for a visit at Canggu Garden by Stilt Studios in Buduk Region, Bali. Being part of a small resort of in total 6 units, Treehouse C is located in a prime location with views over the shared pool and the rice fields. Come and stay in an elevated treehouse or join the Stilt Family and get your own Studio for a long-lasting unique living experience.

Treehouse C - Treetops
Treehouse C - Treetops
Treehouse C - Treetops


●     The first show unit of Stilt Studios’ latest family member “Treehouse C” is up and ready for purchase & your staycation destination

●     A spacious living area of  71 sqm is equipped with living utilities and allows you to live, work, hang out, relax and enjoy in one space

●     Treehouse C is Stilt Studios next step towards the vision to create better living experiences in harmony with nature

Program: Apartment on Stilts, home, hospitality

Architectural Design: Alexis Dornier

Interior: @Alexis Dornier

Location: Buduk, Bali

Total Size: 71 m2

Enclosed Space: 54m2

Balcony: 17m2

Status: Completed in October 2020

Images by KIE with courtesy of Stilt Studio

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