Subway Rat and three songs to know him

Delve into the compelling world of Subway Rat as we present our preferred examples of his raw and emotive songwriting. These selections serve as a showcase of Subway Rat’s distinctive storytelling skill, skillfully enveloped in his Indie driving sound.

Sunglasses, featuring Danny L´Amour.

“Sunglasses” paints a vivid picture of a short-lived romantic encounter, characterised by spontaneity and urgency. They dive into self-awareness and humour, to combine empathy and devotion, creating a nuanced narrative.

Modern Lovers

“Modern Lovers” captures the complexities and challenges of modern romantic relationships, portraying a mix of humour, struggle, and a desire for connection. “Modern Lovers” is a poignant reminder of the universal difficulties faced in navigating love and connection in the digital age.

Lost Without U

“Lost Without U” uses playful metaphors, such as falling down the rabbit hole or finding a bear, to whimsical touch the themes of loss and yearning. He creates a sense of emotional weight, underscoring the central theme of feeling lost without someone.

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