Swarm Features An Irregular Surface Formed By A Magnetic Force

Swarm is a series of vases and a chair featuring an irregular surface formed by a magnetic force. Composed of aggregates of the same material, their organic form is generated by thousands of short steel rods attracted by magnetism to a base structure.

With a diameter of 1.2 mm and a length of 15 mm, the steel rods’s unpredictable orientation, density and layering is completely powered by magnetic force and dependent on the behavior of the user. Human interactions such as sitting or touching also contribute to the unique and complex shape, impossible to replicate due to its variables. Rather than simply designing shapes, we+ utilize magnetic force to design a process to create an original form. By designing the process that creates the form, not the form itself, and accepting the uncertainty of natural phenomena, we+ aim to generate new methods of productions and expressions that do not resist the power of nature, but rather aim to recontextualise and integrate it.


Photography by Masayuki Hayashi with courtesy of we+


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