Team Group Conceptualizes The Comfort Villa For Human Against Extreme Weathers

Comfort Villa For Human

Gilka Villa is conceptualized by Team Group, which is from the design of Iranian architect and also claimed as the climatic architecture.

The climatic architecture of traditional buildings in their evolution can be the best source of inspiration and underlie today’s architectural ideas. Tribal trial and error in diverse lands have created a great civilization in housing and along with intellectual maturity in the field of civil engineering and architecture, has reached the ability to largely control the annoying and harmful factors. With the knowledge that humidity, wind, radiation and etc. in addition of being able to eliminate basic needs. If they are out of comfort range, they are more or less irritating. The original Iranian architecture in different climatic regions has achieved very significant indigenous and sustainable answers that have sometimes been forgotten due to the modern way of life.

Comfort Villa For Human

Nowadays, the extreme consumption of unsustainable energies of human society has caused many problems and obstacles, sustainable indigenous techniques that have been using traditional technologies and integrating it with original and efficient geometries, have provided very appropriate answers in their time and are the best option to help architectural design today.

In our project, an attempt has been made to use the climatic techniques of temperate and humid regions in Iran; which control humidity, wind, radiation and bring the standard of living closer to the comfort range. Which these items work best in the form of a nine-square geometric technique and are based on the geometry of Iranian architecture and Iranian carpets.

Comfort Villa For Human
Comfort Villa For Human

Gilak Villa is located in Gilan, a provinces that is located in the north of Iran and along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea and its prominent features are humidity and heavy rainfall.

In this region, the trend of expansion is based on climatic priorities and from the south, east, west, and then in height. The combination of these factors, along with the extroversion factor, has led to the creation of a unique architecture that can be considered as the main reason for its formation. In general, extroversion with a sloping roof is a special feature of the architecture of this area. In this architecture, there is no clear boundary between inside and outside, and semi-open spaces and transparent layers of the house combine the inside and outside space. The transparency and semi-openness of the outer layers of the building, the effect of weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain, etc. as well as summer and winter on the lives of residents and their connection with nature as much as possible.

Comfort Villa For Human
Comfort Villa For Human

This is the only region in Iran where we see gable roof for traditional buildings. Because of the low rainfall, the form of the roofs of almost all of the traditional buildings of the other regions was either flat or curved. Here gable roofs were usually four-sided in order to block rain from penetrating the building from every side, especially during windy days.

Comfort Villa For Human

With the region’s high levels of relative humidity in the summertime, there is a need for cross ventilation for human comfort inside the buildings. Therefore, almost all buildings were detached and outward-oriented. This means that all of the openings were placed on the external walls of buildings. Balconies were very important and useful, especially in the case of houses.

There were two reasons for this: first, because of the hot and humid conditions in the spring and summer, most activities such as socializing, eating, entertainment, working, sleeping, etc. would take place outside. The air inside the rooms would be stuffy and warm therefore, balconies were good places for such activities, since the occupants would always enjoy the shade of the breeze in there.

Comfort Villa For Human
Comfort Villa For Human


Project name: Gilak

Architecture firm: Team Group

Project Location: Gilan, Iran

Tools used: Rhino, Photoshop, Lumion

Principal architect: Davood Salavati

Design team: Amirali Sharifi, Nazli Azarkhsh, Asma Pirouz, Mahsa Aghahasel, Sheila Shahraki

Design year: 2020

Visualization: Amirali Sharifi

Status: Conceptual

Typology: Villa

Visuals with courtesy of Team Group


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