“Terra” By Eric Hoang Focuses On Gestalt Principles

"Terra" By Eric Hoang

“Terra” or “t eRRa” is a concept shoe that originated from a freeform rough sketch I did that mainly focused on flowing forms and gestalt principles.

The shoe was designed to be an urban shoe with a rugged looking outsole that mimicked the aggressive look of hiking and trail running shoes. The overall silhouette of the shoe was inspired by the interesting shape of the YEEZY foam runners, with its bulbous-looking upper. For the colors, I wanted to go for an earthy color palette that was subtle and not overbearing to the eyes. The goal was for the colors to give off a natural, organic and grounded feeling that connects the wearer to the earth. Lastly, the shoe would be made from a durable rubber midsole, a vulcanized outsole, and an upper that consists of suede, mesh, leather, and a semi-transparent ripstop plastic.

"Terra" By Eric Hoang
"Terra" By Eric Hoang
"Terra" By Eric Hoang


Images with courtesy of Eric Hoang


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