Resurrecting Time: ‘The Thought of You’ Unveils a Mesmerizing Architectural Odyssey

The Captivating Transformation of Abandonment in ‘The Thought of You’

“The Thought of You” by Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell stands as a mesmerizing testament to the convergence of past and future, physical and digital, in an exploration of time’s cyclical nature. This unique piece, nestled within ‘The Wild Within’ collection, transcends the boundaries of conventional art by revitalizing a forgotten historic building through the fusion of photography and animation.

The artwork, set against the evocative backdrop of a villa interior dating back to the early 1700s in rural Lazio, Italy, captures the essence of the passage of time. The Baroque design, once a symbol of prestige and economic prowess, now sits abandoned, overtaken by nature’s relentless march. Photographer duo Koopmans and Wexell, renowned for their global exploration of forsaken structures, embark on a creative journey to breathe new life into this decaying relic.

Having traversed the globe since 2009, the artists have documented historical gems ranging from ancient temples in Armenia to dilapidated villas in Italy and Poland. Their fascination with the historical, cultural, and architectural significance of these sites serves as the foundation for “The Thought of You.” The duo employs a meticulous process, capturing the architectural details in their photographic lens before digitally transforming the images into dynamic, overgrown landscapes.

The metamorphosis unfolds with the infusion of virtual greenery and adjustments to lighting and structure. Complementing this visual symphony is an original musical composition by Swedish maestro Karl-David Larson. The result is an immersive experience, a moving image that seamlessly transports the audience into an alternate dimension, where time dances in perpetual loops.

Yet, beneath the aesthetic allure lies a poignant narrative of growth and decay. The villa, now succumbing to the ravages of time, becomes a poignant canvas for Koopmans and Wexell’s artistic intervention. Through their lens, viewers witness nature’s inexorable infiltration—cracks in the plaster, peeling paint, and decaying floors. The artistic endeavor, while breathing temporary vitality into the ancient structure, serves as a poignant reminder of the inevitable march of time.

The choice of the villa as a subject amplifies the thematic richness of “The Thought of You.” Once a manifestation of social status, the architectural masterpiece now crumbles, mirroring the cyclicality of prosperity and decline. The artwork captures this paradox, freezing a moment in the building’s timeline while underscoring its gradual dissolution.

“The Thought of You” beckons viewers to contemplate not just the tangible decay of a physical structure but the broader tapestry of time woven into the fabric of human history. The juxtaposition of real-world photographic elements with the boundless possibilities of digital manipulation creates a captivating dialogue between reality and imagination. The result is an artwork that transcends the boundaries of conventional perception, inviting us to reflect on the ephemeral nature of existence in the grand tapestry of time.

The artwork is going to be auctioned online by Christie’s from December 5-12. It will be exhibited at the Faena Forum in Miami by NFT NOW during Art Basel in Miami this December.

Resurrecting Time: 'The Thought of You' Unveils a Surreal Architectural Odyssey

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