“Tomorrow’s On Fire” Responds To The Australian Bushfire Crisis

AACTA and ARIA nominated director and animator; Darcy Prendergast, known for his work with bands like Gotye, Boy & Bear, Greenday, Neil Young, and more, is back with his timely and poignant short film, Tomorrow’s On Fire.

Created in direct response to the Australian Bushfire crisis, Darcy’s beautifully rendered hand-drawn animation is only eclipsed by his poetic prose, narrated by his 7-year-old star, Miles M. “Like so many Australians I felt this malaise of helplessness. The footage of charred wildlife, displaced families, and vibrant communities turned hells scapes, brought me to tears on numerous occasions. The project started as a way to process so much of that”.

"Tomorrow’s On Fire" Responds To The Australian Bushfire Crisis

Working around the clock, Darcy wrote, designed, and animated the entire 90-second piece— adhering to a strict spreadsheet timeline. “I knew for a predominantly online audience, it needed to be short and snappy… doubly so, given I was animating the entire thing solo. The animation is usually something done with large teams, so I had to approach it in an achievable way.

I knew I was to be shooting in Bulgaria come January, so came up with a paired back, minimalistic style to fit the deadline.” And when asked about his hopes for the completed piece: “I hope it challenges. I hope it’s a catalyst for positive change. I hope it sparks action from the politicians who are elected to serve us. So many Australians are angry and rightly so; we deserve better, we deserve hope… and so does our next generation.”

"Tomorrow’s On Fire" Responds To The Australian Bushfire Crisis
"Tomorrow’s On Fire" Responds To The Australian Bushfire Crisis
"Tomorrow’s On Fire" Responds To The Australian Bushfire Crisis


Written, animated & directed by: Darcy Prendergast

Narrated by: Miles M

Sound Design by: Richard Tamplenizza

Narration recorded by: Talia Raso @ Dead On Sound

Coloured by: Jayden Dowler, Kim Gee, Matt Abello, Marc Moynihan, Michael Sweeney 

All images with courtesy of Oh Yeah Wow


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