Reduktor: Tonoptik’s Exploration of the Invisible Through Minimalist Audiovisual Art

Reduktor: Light & sound art installation by Tonoptik

Tonoptik is an art project in the field of new media, audiovisual, light and sound art with an emphasis on minimalist aesthetics and experimentation, which is based on a free exploration of modern technologies and their interaction with humans. Through “Reduktor,” they invite audiences to embark on a journey of discovery, challenging preconceived notions of perception and reality.

The installation comprises four meticulously controlled laser modules, strategically positioned to converge on a programmable light column at the heart of the space. This arrangement serves as a canvas onto which a symphony of invisible signals is projected, each meticulously captured by a sensor antenna. These signals range from the subtle electromagnetic radiation emitted by everyday devices to the enigmatic muons generated by cosmic collisions in Earth’s atmosphere.

Redefining Minimalist Audiovisual Art with Tonoptik's "Reduktor"



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