Transparent Unveils Innovative Sound Room in Stockholm

Transparent Unveils Innovative Sound Room in Stockholm

Transparent opens cutting-edge sound room in Stockholm

Sweden-based electronics brand Transparent, renowned for its minimalist speakers, has launched its first physical space, the Sound Room, in Stockholm. This new venture not only showcases Transparent’s award-winning speakers but also serves as a pioneering exploration of sustainable living in domestic and professional environments.

“It has long been a dream to offer a physical environment where people can experience Transparent with all their senses. But mainly, the space will include what we call our first Circular Center, where we offer various circular services such as upgrades, repairs, or just basic technical support,” says Per Brickstad, Creative Director at Transparent.

The Sound Room is designed to be an immersive experience, blending futuristic aesthetics with natural elements. The decor features a harmonious mix of colors, innovative lighting, and natural elements like a large bonsai tree and a substantial boulder, which highlight different raw materials. Furniture and other items are clad in untreated aluminum, chosen for its sustainable and recyclable properties. This setup not only accentuates the brand’s minimalist design ethos but also reinforces its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Transparent’s mission is ambitious and forward-thinking. “Our mission is to create modular electronics that are forever upgradable. We believe products should get better with age and that companies are responsible for removing electronic waste from the world,” says Brickstad. This vision is embodied in the Circular Center, which offers a range of services aimed at extending the lifecycle of electronic products. By providing upgrades, repairs, and technical support, the brand aims to minimize electronic waste and promote a more sustainable approach to consumer electronics.

Transparent Unveils Innovative Sound Room in Stockholm
Transparent Unveils Innovative Sound Room in Stockholm

The launch of the Sound Room in Stockholm is just the beginning. Transparent plans to expand this concept internationally, with new Sound Rooms and Circular Centers set to open in Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai next year. This global expansion reflects the brand’s dedication to spreading its sustainable vision and providing consumers worldwide with access to its innovative circular services.

Transparent was founded in Stockholm by Per Brickstad, Martin Willers, and Magnus Wiberg with the goal of becoming the first circular tech brand. Since its inception, the company has garnered the attention of various artists across multiple genres, including Tanna Leone, Steve Angello, and Robyn. Transparent’s products are available at prestigious retailers such as Mr Porter, SSENSE, Isetan, Nordiska Galleriet, The Conran Shop, and Turntable Labs.

Transparent Unveils Innovative Sound Room in Stockholm

All images courtesy of Transparent, shared with permission

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