The Versatility Of Dmitry Ligay’s Collage Style

The Versatility Of Dmitry Ligay's Collage Style

Dmitry Ligay creates fascinating illustrations by unifying both the traditional method of drawing and also the use of Photoshop editing.

The final product is a work that is totally impressive and attests to Ligay’s heartfelt passion for this kind of craft. Hailing from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, he illustrates from an academic background of design, architecture, and civil engineering. He is flexible in the material he uses to conjure up his masterpieces such as watercolor, acrylic paint, and pencil.

The Versatility Of Dmitry Ligay's Collage Style

Ligay has demonstrated his creative range through the refined collage format he is drawn to. With so many extraordinary ideas, the landscapes he brings to life in each individual work is elaborate and impressive. Ligay’s work is ever-evolving and his level of skill shines brightly through. The concepts are ingenious and his characteristic depiction of humans is a sight to behold. Their faces hold so much emotion and depth.

Not to mention the various meaningful elements he chooses to incorporate in the overall illustration to make for a final piece that is weighty with design and significance. To view Ligay’s work is to see versatility and originality, there is no work that is alike. Dmitry Ligay has worked for clients such as Russia’s CEO Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Versatility Of Dmitry Ligay's Collage Style
The Versatility Of Dmitry Ligay's Collage Style



All images with courtesy of Dmitry Ligay




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