The Award Project “Winery in Alentejo” Rendered By MCD’s Jacinto Monteiro

Winery in Alentejo

“Winery in Alentejo” Full CGI image, overall Winner of the Render of the Year 2020 Award.

Jacinto Monteiro of Metro Cúbico Digital won the Overall Award in the 2020 Render of the Year competition with his submission, “Winery in Alentejo.”

Jacinto Monteiro is an architect, environment artist and arch-visualizer. He founded Metro Cúbico Digital in 2008. Since then, the firm has won several arch-viz awards and architectural competitions worldwide. MCD is a visual arts company committed to delivering “natural” images to the best architects and designers.

Winery in Alentejo
Winery in Alentejo


Project Name: Winery in Alentejo

Visualization: Metro Cúbico Digital/ Jacinto Monteiro

Architecture: Joaquim Portela


Visuals with courtesy of Metro Cúbico Digital/ Jacinto Monteiro


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