“Feed the Urge” To The Traditional Cel Animation Crafting

“Somewhere strange… in a place between mind and matter, there stirs a hungry little beast. It starts with only a tiny peep and a gnawing sensation. Though ignored at first, it won’t stop growing. Becoming a craving, then an urge. It’s time. To sustain that growing beast. To feed the Urge. To create.”

Woodwork is a creative agency based in Amsterdam. Creativity is in our DNA. We feel a relentless Urge. An Urge to Create. This Urge requires frequent feeding. So, we challenge ourselves regularly to create work that sets us apart. Using traditional cel animation as our craft, the animation offers a glance into our imaginative minds. Paying homage to the origin of animation with this frame by frame technique is a nice exercise in a time when we are more often working in the digital realm. Our visualizer created the illustrations and together with our animators, brought the frames to life. Storytelling and timing are the essences of our animation process. But no animation can ever be fully complete without sound. Our in-house audio studio THNDR was responsible for the atmospheric sound design. Special credit goes out to our CD’s seven-month-old baby for supplying the sound effects.

"Feed the Urge" To The Traditional Cel Animation Crafting
"Feed the Urge" To The Traditional Cel Animation Crafting
"Feed the Urge" To The Traditional Cel Animation Crafting



Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan

Visualiser: Saverio Wielkens

Cell Animation: Hidde Maas

Motion Designer: Moa Nordin

Creative Producer: Nina Fabel

Sound Design: THNDR


All images with courtesy of Woodwork


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