The First Habitable 3D-Printed Concrete Houses Will Be Built In The Netherlands

Living in a 3D printed houses will be already possible in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The 3D house printing was already experimented inside the industry, but only as prototypes. The organisation behind this innovative structures is Project Milestone, which have planned to built five homes. The first commercial house based on 3D concrete printing will be ready in 2019 and the others will be constructed consecutively. The entire process is planned to finish within five years, allowing the designers and engineers to control and adjust them in time. 

3D-Printed Concrete House Built In Netherlands

The futuristic houses will be made not only eco-friendly, but also comfortable and placed in a natural environment. While the traditional concrete is very rigid, he 3D printing techniques allows building different forms. In the future people will be able to design their own houses. The first house will be printed at Eindhoven University of Technology and will be an important step in technology. Behind this project it is not only the wish to build a 3D printed house, but also to encourage the printed housing.

3D-Printed Concrete House Built In Netherlands
3D-Printed Concrete House Built In Netherlands

All images: Project Milestone

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