AESTUS Wooden Vases Explore A New Synthesis Of Material And Technology, founded by Oliver David Krieg, mixes robotic fabrication with intelligently composed materials, to express lively lyricism through twisted slat laminate wooden vases.

We have entered into a new frontier of computer-aided design. Some artificers use artificial intelligence to help them push the boundaries of human creative imagination, while others implement the nonhuman movements of smart robots. In his AESTUS project, Krieg works beside moving rotary automata to shape spiraling, nature-inspired dynamic forms, that exclaim the beloved qualities of gorgeous wonder evoking spiral grain tree genera.

Merging art with technology-pushing engineering techniques, Krieg intends to blur the line between natural and composite by confusing our senses about what wooden objects should bring to mind. The iconic shapes of the AESTUS vases make them immediately recognizable, and with their mechanically configured computer-aided angles, the results become more than just mere human contrivances.

AESTUS Wooden Vases Explore A New Synthesis Of Material And Technology


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