Alex Ness Animates Enchanting Virtual 3D Universes

For nearly a decade, Alex Ness has been crafting incredibly charismatic visuals as a 3D artist and motion media designer. His animations display a continuity that is mesmerising and totally immersive. The viewer moves throughout the virtually constructed environments Ness individually creates. The scene is hyperrealistic and there is a sense of an organic perspective with the way the view takes in the setting. Though they are loops within the same panorama, his artistry establishes a seamless fluidity that invites viewers to take notice of the plethora of detail Ness infuses in his work.

Some of the worlds he has produced include surreal sunrises on a scenic hill, residential streets overrun with foliage, and rainy streets lit with humorous neon signs. Most of his animations involve technology or include elements of it, such as towering buildings plated with screens displaying emojis and even what can be interpreted as a tour inside the circuitry of some technological device. These striking visuals are polished, high caliber, and carry a sense of realism that make even the most bizarre scenarios completely convincing. Alex Ness has had clients like Imagine Dragons, Kygo, and Travis Scott, where his stunning visual work was flaunted on stages around the world.

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