Apical Reform Designs Stingray, A Mesmerising Kinetic Sculpture

Apical Reform Designs Stingray

The undulating movement of the Stingray sculpture immediately transports the mind to a sea wave flow creating a trance-like hypnotic effect.

This fascinating kinetic sculpture is inspired indeed by the creature of a mighty stingray for its form and movement. Apart from being aesthetically grasping it resonates with nature as its primal inspiration. The piece is part of the Apical Reform collection that constitutes of pieces that explore movement, but this piece is an homage to stingray. The sculpture unites in it the sense of movement within water along with the steadiness and the tranquility of the material in a minimal composition. The repetition of the wave like movement in slow motion calms the senses together with its warm natural color.

Apical Reform Designs Stingray
Apical Reform Designs Stingray

The sculpture is the result of synergy between art, mathematics, mechanics and electronics aligning with design symmetry which express the organic symmetry of nature. Linear and structured and at the same time majestic and mesmerizing characteristics that are taken directly from the image of nature. The abstract feeling of movement through water touches not only the eye and the mind but also the body of the viewer emerging them into a soothing floating state that stays for a while after watching the stingray. Formal simplicity and natural movement are wonderful elements to insert in our daily spaces.

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