APPARITION: The World’s First Transparent Leather


Translucency has an exquisite quality, everything in the world that holds the capacity to diffuse inner light, or to reveal a shadowed figure beneath its confines, evokes a mysterious appreciation from the human eye. Sruli Recht Studio, of Reykjavík Iceland, has invented what they call APPARITION translucent leather. This new material remains a true leather hide, but is also one with unique qualities that genuine leather doesn’t normally possess. This apparition thin leather is remarkably sturdy and supple, and through its use in footwear, we see that it remains as strong as traditional hide while remaining as transparent as rice paper.


This material can be classified as something similar to synthetic textiles, but because it isn’t made of plastics or derivative compounds this opens up new fields for product creation to exceed orthodox category expectations. Because Sruli Recht has been the first to perfect this new apparition leather, they will be taking a leadership role in how it’s introduced into the market. To have a translucent coat that isn’t squeaky or uncomfortable will be a grand addition to the future direction of apparel.




For more information, visit the Sruli Recht website

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