Interview With Archan Nair

Interview With Archan Nair

Formerly an entrepreneur, you started painting in 2006 at the age of 24 and made the shift as an independent artist in 2007. How did you become interested in art?

I was always drawn and fascinated by all forms of art, music, culture.. anything which touched the senses. But I never thought I would fall in love with the process of creating myself. It was accidentally when I created an artwork in a mere 10 minutes and uploaded it online. I received a few comments.. that motivated me so much! I was amazed by the fact that, we, as humans, have the power and capacity to create anything out of nothing and that really was the beginning of the explorative journey through this visual medium.

Your art seems to come from a realm of the subconscious, where a creative combination of mystery and spirituality is channeled through modern computer technology. How do you reach at such a vivid and detailed vision?

I feel it flows on its own. In fact the moments when I put on a lot of pressure to come out with ideas is when I struggle the most, and the times when I am in this beautiful flow of the now.. everything just expresses itself beautifully. It’s like life is expressing itself all the time and you, me and everyone are its vessels of creating and expressing itself.

Interview With Archan Nair
Interview With Archan Nair

Imagination can go in any direction, there are an infinite of possibilities to express an idea. Do you prefer to abandon yourself to the chaos of the imagination or you are rather a perfectionist?

I don’t think there is anything as a perfectionist, it is a human made concept and is infinite in its standard. Very subjective too! I love the madness, organic spontaneous flow of how everything unfolds and I love how any form of art is that unfolding which is fascinating to watch. I love the drama, the mystery and the beauty that the fragrance of this process radiates.

Your paintings are deeply influenced by the beautiful Indian culture, they display a great amount of details and involve a wide array of colors. What are the patterns that fascinate you most about your native traditions?

I feel the culture has been deep rooted into my subconscious mind and spirit, where it just comes out so naturally. Ever since a child I have constantly been bombarded by the trippy country we are and the culture, energy, traditions, fashion, festivals, food and chaos, that is surely reflects in a very natural way into my aesthetic and composition as well. There is so much diversity here that is completely blows my mind still and I keep discovering new aspects about this sacred land.

D. W. Winnicott stated that artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. As an artist, what is the message you want to spread through your works and which aspects do you prefer to keep secret?

This mystery we are all a part of and is, and discovering its beauty and incredibly ingenious design, to explore what being alive and conscious from the macro to the micro is what constantly drives me.. that people question reality and discover on their own! While at the same time the mystery shall always remain the mystery and there is no effort there to spill any ideas or concepts through the work.

Interview With Archan Nair
Interview With Archan Nair

As a self-taught visual artist, what have you found being most challenging and what do you consider the greatest achievement so far?

There are all forms of challenges each day, but they are fun and interesting to deal with. Being self taught means not following any rules and that is what I love a lot, to experiment, make mistakes and then make more mistakes just leads to new explorations and adventures and this is what is the most exciting really!

Your art is mainly digital. Which are some of the tools and techniques you are applying?

I usually use a mix of 3d, and 2d. So sculpting in ZBrush to painting in Photoshop and using painter and illustrator and finally composing my work in Photoshop. I love playing with technology and all these crazy new tools! It’s amazing.

Considering the prominent technology development, what do you believe the future of the digital art is?

I feel digital art will become more diverse like how art in general now has become so diverse. Earlier art was just traditional paintings and now they are expressed through traditional, mixed media, sculptures and installations and digital mediums. I feel the digital medium will be diversifying as well into different streams and some streams mixing as well. We can already see it with VR, AR, and iPad Art which I am currently exploring as well.

Interview With Archan Nair
Interview With Archan Nair
Your work has been featured in various publications and you collaborated with many prestigious companies and individuals such as Nike, RedBull, Canon, Infinity, Sony, Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, etc. How did these experiences help you to grow as an artist and person?

I feel that I have been blessed to work with some amazing people, minds and brands. The challenges and energy exchange only makes one go deeper and learn more. For me it’s all about learning, which is the most valuable aspect from everything I create.

What is your dream collaboration?

I really don’t have a dream collaboration.. but anything which pushes me, and creates an excitement and where I could inspire and learn would totally be ideal.

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Interview With Archan Nair
Interview With Archan Nair

All images, courtesy of artist: Archan Nair

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