BastardFilms Satisfies The Eye With Stunning Simulations

BastardFilms, a 3D Artist and video editor based in Castelló de la Plana, Spain, experiments with color, texture, and shape.

BastardFilms will label some of his work as “minimalist”, however his work is anything but. While there is a simplicity to the image that he produces, he manages to do so with a different complexity that makes the viewer interpret a variety of things. A variety of images display unique shapes that vary in texture. These images can range from a burst of caramel-colored liquid that hardens into a unique shape, or a bear walking through white powder that he asks his audience if it’s either snow or perhaps cream. In a particular post that he shares, he showcases an image of smoke pouring out of a beaker glass.

The image seems simplistic at first, however, while the smoke starts to pour out, it begins to fill up an invisible cup. While the cup begins to fill with smoke, the shape of the cup begins to form underneath. Similarly, he will play with a normal image of water coming out of a faucet, but replaces the water with gray smoke. Within these types of short videos, BastardFilms is able to depict a complex image within a simplistic setting. 


All visuals with courtesy of BastardFilms

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