Carlings Launches A Digital-Only Collection

Carlings, a Scandinavian retailer, has launched a fresh collection that exists just digitally. The collection titled “Neo-Ex”, works by clients transferring an image of themselves in different poses. When the photos are transferred and the computerised pieces acquired by the client, Carlings’ group of 3D fashion designers venture in to fit the garments to the pictures transferred on their website, giving the appearance as though the pieces are being worn for real.

The collection “Neo-Ex”, influenced by online life, looks also towards the activity of decreasing waste. With the pieces just being digitally accessible, the collection is regularly portrayed as being “completely without negative environmental impact.” Ronny Mikalsen, CEO of Carlings, reported that their drive behind having the collection accessible just by digital medium was for the label “to challenge themselves and the whole industry to take the next step to explore how fashion can exist in the not so distant future.”

All images: Carlings

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