Charlotte McCurdy’s Ethereal Raincoat Is Algae Based

Who knew that borrowing fashion cues from Blade Runner replicant’s would be so eco conscious. The algae based Ethereal Raincoat from Charlotte McCurdy is a carbon negative jacket that harnesses the best from chemistry, nature and biotech, to present a cutting-edge breakthrough design meant to be not only visually stunning but environmentally healthy.

Charlotte McCurdy's Ethereal Raincoat Is Algae Based

The Ethereal Raincoat is a physical revolution against fossil fuel derived plastics, instead of relying upon ancient carbon comprised resources, it takes from current plant materials that have absorbed co2 and sunlight and translates this into a lasting plastic like material that results in a product the minimizes the worlds carbon footprint.

Charlotte McCurdy's Ethereal Raincoat Is Algae Based

Creating carbon negative materials is the future of combating, instead of contributing to, waste emissions. The translucency of McCurdys’ material can serve as a metaphor for where we are heading in the new business models of transparency, clean materials and trust.


All images: Charlotte McCurdy

For more information, visit the Charlotte McCurdy website

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