Clone’s first biomimetic robot hand

Clone’s first biomimetic robot hand

Clone, a company based in Poland, has been developing the latest technology of the robot arm for more than 9 months. Besides that it looks just like a human hand, it’s built exactly the same way, but from artificial materials. It’s just as strong as human’s and can catch literally anything.

Clone Hand not only in medicine and prosthetics

Today, we can already see on YouTube how the hand picks up tools, devices and items.
This robotic hand is based entirely on human anatomy. It consists of artificial bones and
muscles that are powered by hydraulic energy. This appearance is not a coincidence. The
designers know that the world we live in is built ergonomically, that is, by humans and for
humans, everything around us is adapted to the human hand, and that’s why constructors
started to build their android from hand.

The hand is just the beginning of innovative clone technology

As the designer himself says, the hand is the first element of the whole android, consisting of
a torso and two hands from the shoulder to the fingers. Clone’s technology will make the
production process not only faster and better, but also simpler and safer. At home, in the
hospital or in the store, everyone will be able to have their own android. Where automation
with existing robots is not possible, the technology developed by Clone will meet the

New even in robotics

Clone has developed a hydropower system for the robot. The use of clean water as a
medium in hydraulic systems is a very desirable option, but unfortunately rarely found.
Pressure distribution system consists of hundreds of flexible lines that together form an
advanced energy distribution mechanism. The artificial muscles are an improved version of
the McKibben muscles which, with a diameter of only 3 mm, perform more than 650,000
cycles with a weight of one kilogram. The biomechanical frame moves in any direction
imaginable to humans, including thumb, finger and wrist movements, and can perform as
many independent movements.

Clone will start selling its innovative product by the end of 2022 in a portable case
(50x35x15cm) with all accessories. The hand is available to everyone via the website

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