Converse Sustainable Chuck Taylor Renew Initiative

Converse Sustainable Chuck Taylor

Using textile waste as raw materials, the Three Ways Converse Renewal Initiative, converts recycled canvas, denim, and cotton, to produce shoes that will help us move closer to zero-waste. Touted to literally give tons of waste a second life, the Converse renew initiative, has committed itself to reinventing the creation of famous Chuck Taylor All Stars, presenting these in three material blends that will jump start the company’s goal of aiding the environment through design.

Converse Sustainable Chuck Taylor

Using PET, which is a re-polymerized polyethylene from plastic bottles to make renew canvas, and denim jeans diverted from landfills for renew denim, as with cotton waste left over from manufacturing for renew cotton, these three material ways will allow environmentally conscious hypebeasts to show their support for bettering the ecosphere while owning durable kicks that are recognized and beloved the world over.

Converse Sustainable Chuck Taylor


All images: Converse

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