The Delightfully Tangible Art Of Frank J. Guzzone

Brooklyn freelance artist, Frank J. Guzzone, experiments with 3D design in a modus that is aesthetically advanced. His use of color elevates the central cog of the complete image, bringing to fruition a resplendent opus. Backgrounds are typically monochromatic with varying shades within the pigment, often layered with naturalistic shadows. Colors are bright in an unobtrusive manner, complementing the theme of animation. The textures are palpably vivid and lively. Shapes undulate on membranous surfaces, popsicles and disembodied hands fall into a bouncy impact.

Guzzone captivates viewers with his adroitness in replicating organic activity like inflation and disinflation, oscillation, and liquid dripping. Well defined and distinguished describes the portfolio of the New York artist. Having worked for Sidewalk Labs and Google Creative Lab, Guzzone is a seasoned designer with prolific visions for upcoming projects. As a freelancer, he has created works for clients such as L’Oréal Paris, R.L. Grime, Adidas, and Perrier.

His work is absolutely multidimensional, with the ability to function for the needs of clients from any and all types of industries. He crafts art that carries a message, made distinct with his immaculate style and experienced skillset in 3D design. Frank J. Guzzone has worked as Art Director for several projects, much is in store for this promising artist.

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