Digital Grotesque

Grotto and Grotto II are two works that summarize the concept of Digital Grotesque.

The first is a commission for the permanent collection of the FREC Center, Orléans. And the second for the exhibition “Imprimer le Monde” that was realized by the Center Pompidou in 2017. They are structures printed in sandstone that weigh several tons. The concept creates a new horizon for architecture, through computer design and additive manufacturing.

The basic design is made by algorithms. Then they are optimized to reach the geometric shapes, to stimulate the observer with a spatial experience. The algorithm performs a series of subdivisions that generate porous structures, which achieves an effect of depth in space by means of a multiplicity of layers.

The Digital Grotesque are millions of branches, which expand in space, and become increasingly complex, as they fold again and again. The works make up an organic landscape, through the compression of hundreds of square meters to synthesize a block of 3.5 meters in height. The work aims to celebrate a new architectural paradigm, overcome traditional ideas that rationalize and create standards. Achieve this pretention by emphasizing perception to generate sensations of wonder, curiosity and bewilderment.

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